Todays date: 02/09/2014

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Queen’s Awards: Bid to boost ‘under-performing’ region

The West Midlands Lord-Lieutenant has launched a bid to increase the number of companies in the area receiving a Queen’s Award for Enterprise after it was revealed that West Midlands businesses have under-performed in the award scheme during the past decade. More from Midlands

Hargreaves sells tankers to concentrate on core

Energy services group Hargreaves Services has sold Imperial Tankers to Suttons Transport Group for £26.9m. More from North East

Lord Paul joins Lalani to speak at IAB dinner

One of the speakers at this year’s Institute of Asian Businesses (IAB) annual dinner is the man whose company contributed to the construction of one of the world's most expensive and complex experimental facilities, the Large Hadron Collider. More from Midlands

Manufacturers stay bullish

North East manufacturers in the North East are motoring into the second half of the year, with no sign of growth easing.

Factories flourish despite national slowdown

Manufacturers in Yorkshire are continuing to power on, reporting positives across every key indicator of business health and outperforming the UK average, research shows.

Columbia coal deal for Conflow

Sheffield manufacturer Conflow, which services the mining industry, has won a new contract with a Columbian coking coal producer.


  • Who's offering business support?

    Art Teaser

    <p>There now appears to be little doubt: in the business world we have moved to a period of growth and opportunity. Confidence is increasing and investment at the smaller end of the scale, certainly from our own recent experience and others, is sharply increasing.</p>

  • How to Achieve a Better Business Strategy

    Anna Teaser

    Dr Anna Grosman from Aston Business School explains three key perspectives to improve the ability of a business to focus on its strategic goals: people, process and growth.

  • A critical eye, by John Duckers

    HS2 Teaser

    Like buses, Birmingham’s economy is a basket case for years and then things worth celebrating all arrive one after the other. Must be the hot weather.

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