Todays date: 23/07/2014

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Santander promotes Midlands trade with Poland

Businesses in Warwickshire and the West Midlands are invited to find out more about the significant trade and export opportunities available in Poland at a roundtable to be hosted tomorrow in Coventry by Santander and its sister bank, Bank Zachodni WBK. More from Midlands

Event to inspire new generation of entrepreneurs

Budding entrepreneurs in the West Midlands are being offered the opportunity to hone their business plans, focus their ideas and be inspired by mentors and successful entrepreneurs at Startup Direct’s debut event in Birmingham on Wednesday, July 30. More from Midlands

Durham to become an Atomic power

A new bank is setting up its headquarters in Durham to serve the whole UK, creating up to 400 jobs. More from North East

Region loses Crossrail bid

Two of the North East’s transport giants have lost out on the £1.4bn contract to run the cross-London Crossrail services.

Banking barriers still impacting on Scottish SME

Scotland’s SMEs still need a better selection of financial options when it comes to banking.

Make sure employees are winners as Glasgow Games get going

Workplace expert, Acas, has launched a guidance to help local businesses prepare for potential issues that could arise during the Commonwealth Games.


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