Todays date: 16/04/2014
  • Shifting gear

    Shifting Gear Teaser

    Innovation is the lifeblood of successful manufacturing. Peter Jackson looks at how the North East is doing in breaking new ground

  • Let this duty slip at your peril


    Though employers have been submitting Real Time Information to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs since last April, from this quarter businesses must strive to be more vigilant to avoid costly fines, says Claire Priestley

  • Everything you need to know about TUPE changes

    TUPE Teaser

    How reforms to the way businesses change owner will impact on your organisation, by Deborah Warren of Clarion law firm, Leeds.

  • Five vital steps to make IT systems work better

    Tweet Teaser Pic

    We need to be more realistic about the benefits of so-called ‘transformational’ projects, says Jon Kidd

  • When do you take time out to evaluate the true potential of your business?

    When do you take time out

    In the frantic push for business growth a hurried approach all too often leads to opportunities being missed, argues Armstrong Watson Financial Planning’s managing director Andrew Kilby

  • Minimising the risk of commercial disputes

    Money Stack Teaser

    The cost of legal arguments over payments and contracts can run into millions of pounds if businesses are not fully prepared for them. Mohammed Moeini DBS Law’s head of commercial department has some guidance to help BQ readers minimise the risk commercial disputes.

  • Flight path to a brighter future

    Flightpath teaser

    John James says it’s time for the MPs and MEPs across the West Midlands to speak with one voice on the future of Birmingham Airport

  • Is your firm safe from attack?

    Is your business safe from atack

    Latest losses from corporate fraud and cyber crime underline the urgent need for companies to step up vigilance, writes Brian Nicholls

  • Lets Crack Crime

    As I See It Lets Crack Crime Teaser Pic

    Security expert Hal Rose joins BQ’s campaign against corporate crime with some invaluable advice

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