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Yorkshire firm joins Meddo

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Almerico Ltd, the Yorkshire-based property services specialist, has become one of the first members of a brand new national consortium-style property repair and improvement business, Meddo.

Meddo is launching its operation across six regions of the UK and Almerico, which has its head office in Hull, plus a regional branch in York, has been selected as one of the first partner businesses.

The new national business, which will expand to cover the whole country, is built on the foundations of well established regional businesses operating in the sector, giving them the support of a national lead company and each other.

Meddo’s aim is to bring a recognisably branded, refreshing level of service to property repairs and improvements in peoples’ homes helping to strengthen customers’ peace of mind about using local tradesmen. Home owners will have the reassurance that the people working in their homes have been vetted for high levels of customer service and quality of workmanship.

Each regional business retains a high level of autonomy to continue providing the high quality of service for which they have been chosen. In addition, they now receive the support of a national firm and a network of other specialists to assist them with matters such as recruitment, training and development, health and safety, and purchasing as well as sharing ideas including best practice.

Meddo’s partner businesses offer locally based services in Scotland, Yorkshire, the North West, the West Midlands, North and East London, North and West London and the Home Counties.

The business will enjoy the benefits of an innovative consortium structure; the regional businesses each owning a share in Meddo, which in turn owns a minority stake of the partner company. This has substantial advantages for raising finance, incentivising performance, sharing costs and it is tax efficient.

Guy Neilson, Director at Almerico Ltd said: “Being a part of Meddo opens up some exciting opportunities for us. It gives us the strengths of a consortium and the power of a national brand yet we will continue to provide the same high quality customer service which has made us successful as a regional business. We also feel that this will be further enhanced by the support and depth of Meddo as it grows across the country.”

Garvis Snook, executive chairman of Meddo, said: “I am very excited about the potential of Meddo to boost trade in these regions, allowing them to enhance their service and achieve new levels of success.

“I was first introduced to Almerico following the floods in Hull in 2007 and I learned about the excellent service they were giving to people affected by the damage caused. This customer service ethos is what drives Meddo, making Almerico an excellent choice of regional partner for Yorkshire.

“The consortium style relationships between the regional businesses and Meddo as their national partner gives substantial advantages to all involved, most importantly the people who turn to us for work in their homes or business premises.

“Each business with which we have formed a relationship has already built up a strong reputation for good workmanship and customer care in their region. This is what will form the backbone of Meddo as it continues to grow across the UK.”

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